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Adventure is the word that describes the post of today. If you are here I suppose you like to explore and enjoy your trips to the limit, we can make this happen with our tours. Oaxaca is full of places for tours, and we have the best tours in Oaxaca for 2024. Enjoy nature, culture, food and astonishing places and make those memories last forever.


Oaxaca is an awesome destiny, it really has everything, and I say this from my own experience. I’ve seen majestic archaeological sites, incredible natural places that really liberate you, and towns full of culture and traditions that will make you want to live in Oaxaca.

And it’s not just this. The people we have for you, will show you this places with a lot of passion, love and the knowledge to do it. We will make sure that you don’t miss anything and live this experience to the limit.


Several cultures have inhabited Oaxaca over time. The Zapotec and Mixtec are the ones that expanded the most. They built cities with pyramids, religious and trade centers. With the Spanish conquest and other previous events, these sites were destroyed. But the incredible fortresses remained throughout time and you can see them today.

Some of these are:


These 2 archaeological zones were one city that had 35,000 people living in it. And to this day, Atzompa is home to many Oaxacan families. In Atzompa, the families who dedicate their lives to shaping dreams in copal wood, making figures called alebrijes, stand out.

And Monte Alban stands out for having been inhabited by two cultures, the Zapotec who built it, and the Mixtec who inhabited it when they began to conquer the Central Valleys. In Monte Alban you can explore the buildings of the Archaeological Site and the museum that has pieces and sculptures discovered there.

Unless you already know the archaeology and cultures of Oaxaca, or that you’ve read one of my posts of archaeological sites, the best way to live the best experience in a tour in Oaxaca, is with a guide that really loves his work and that knows the places. And you are in the perfect place. For every experience you want to live in Oaxaca, Contact me!. We will show you Oaxaca with all the love and passion possible.

Without doubt one of the best tours in Oaxaca that you can make is to Monte Albán, you will learn a lot of the Cultures of Oaxaca and you will be impressed with the architecture.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Monte Albán was the most powerful city of Oaxaca. Don’t miss the majestic monuments, built centuries ago by the Zapotec Culture.


The city of the Dead. This is the meaning of the name of this archaeological site. In your tour to this archaeological site you can visit Mitla, Hierve el Agua and Teotitlán del Valle.

Mitla is an archaeological site that was used as a ceremonial site and to bury people of the zapotec elite. The buildings are decorated with grecas, an element that was probably originated in the Mixtec culture. This element makes this archaeological site very instagrammable.

If you want to live the experience of getting close to the communities and cultures that built this cities, Contact us!

An expedition to Mitla, the city of the dead. Are you willing to live it?
Live this amazing tour in Oaxaca.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. When you get to this town, that is actually a Magical Town, you will fall in love with it. And the archaeological site of Mitla will leave you with your mouth open.


Dainzú was founded before Monte Albán. And it was a very important site of Mesoamerica that even contributed to the exchange of products with Teotihuacán. This place is the site of the Ball Game in Oaxaca. Ball Game is a very important ancestral game in Mesoamerica.

A tour or excursion to this archaeological site will definitely be worth it. In addition to Dainzú, if you have time or if you are staying close, you can visit other sites like Yagul. Yagul is one of the first cities built in the valley. And it has caves very close that were inhabited by nomads. This nomads where the first people to get to the Central Valleys of Oaxaca.

Tour to Dainzú archaeological site.
Visit the Archaeological site of Dainzú.
Don't miss one of the best tours in Oaxaca.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. An unforgettable tour that you can live in Oaxaca is to the Archaeological Site of Dainzú. Don’t miss it.


The last capital of the Zapotec Empire is Zaachila. It is surrounded by the houses of the actual inhabitants of Zaachila town. This archaeological site has a very long history. This is due to the fertile land on the zone. This lead to agricultural villages that settled here.

You can do a tour or excursion to Zaachila in half of a day (departing from the center of Oaxaca). In addition to the archaeological site, you can visit the market, eat a delicious oaxacan ice cream and if you still have time, visit Cuilapam of Guerrero, the house of the “Danza de la Pluma”.


Disconnect from the regular day, and see nature is an incredible relief. Feel like an explorer and be free of your worries, be calm, and enjoy a day with your family, or couple or, why not? alone. Sounds good, right? Well, Oaxaca has this and more for you. And you can do it in a excursion to nature.

In addition to this, Oaxaca has a secret for you. Keep reading, I tell you the best tours to nature in Oaxaca.


This place is almost unique in the world. Do you know why? It’s one of the 2 petrified waterfalls of the world, and it’s not too far from the city. You can enjoy the natural pools and be surrounded by nature. You can even take a walk or ride a bike. If you take this tour with us, you will have an unforgettable experience, and visit a lot of other places in the same tour. Also you’ll know some secret places that we know of. Are you ready?

Hierve el Agua is one of the 2 petrified waterfalls in the world.
Tour to Hierve el Agua.
Expedition to Hierve el Agua.
One of the best tours in Oaxaca.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. A unique expedition in all the American continent. Visit Hierve el Agua with us.


San José del Pacífico is a paradise in the mountains, where you can feel the adrenaline of swinging yourself over the clouds, enjoy and connect with nature in a hiking adventure and get to know the properties of the hallucinogenic mushrooms that come out in this place.


The northern mountains of Oaxaca have a lot of communities and activities for you. One of the best communities in the “Sierra Norte” is Ixtlán de Juárez. This place has one of the highest lookouts and its made of glass, so enjoy the panoramic view in this point of the town, and continue your adventure with the adventurous activities we have ready for you.

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography.


The Cañada region in Oaxaca is one of the most biodiverse and less populated. So the ecosystems are pretty well protected. This is a beautiful place with a semi-desert climate and even if you didn’t imagine it, it has canyons with endangered species. And with the right people you can visit this place and get to know the species that inhabit this place. See the macaws and other species that inhabit this place, enjoy the canyon, river and more that you will see in this incredible trip.

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography.


Imagine yourself getting into a hidden paradise under earth. You can do this in Oaxaca, the place is called the caves of San Sebastian. The description of a subterranean river and the caves may amaze you but the best part is that you can live it in person, and enjoy it to the maximum.


This place is out of the city, but it is really worth it. It’s a natural paradise hidden in the Mixtec region. Imagine a waterfall running between red or orange rocks, in a region that has a big natural and cultural diversity. This describes Apoala Waterfalls perfectly, and if it’s not in your plans you should start putting it in there.

Do you know how to get the best out of a destination? With a perfectly planned trip, that’s why we can plan your trip and make it unforgettable.

A hidden natural paradise in the Mixtec region.
Expedition to Santiago Apoala Waterfalls.
Tour to Santiago Apoala Waterfalls.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Apoala Waterfalls.


Oaxaca is a multicultural state. It has many ancestral cultures that have been inhabiting each region of Oaxaca and making their own dishes that demonstrate the identity of Oaxaca for hundreds and thousands of years.

To know these cultures will take you a lot of time. But there are activities and cultural tours in and out of Oaxaca city that will allow you to get to know and be in contact with these great cultures.


If you are wondering. What’s a Temazcal? Well, a Temazcal is an ancestral pre-hispanic ritual. It is a vapor bath with medicinal herbs that some cultures of Mexico use in their traditional medicine.

It is an incredible experience that you can live in some communities of Oaxaca. And that if you want to live an ancestral ritual first hand, you can’t miss it. Are you ready to live this ritual? Book now!


Alebrijes are representations of creatures from dreams of the artists that create them, unique pieces of art that make you feel like you travel to the world of imagination. You can know the elaboration of this masterpieces in this tour in Oaxaca.

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Alebrijes.

In this tour you can also enjoy Black Clay, one of the finest potteries of America and maybe the world. Get to know the unique process of this pottery and more in this tour in Oaxaca.

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Black Clay Pottery.


This town is located inside the region of Central Valleys and it’s famous for the textiles. The textiles done here are a mixture of prehispanic cultures and spaniards. The spaniards contributed with the introduction of sheep, while the prehispanic cultures used the natural dyes like “grana cochinilla” (an insect) to paint. The textiles of the Teotitlán del Valle represent the identity of the zapotec culture. A cultural tour that you can not miss in your next trip to Oaxaca.

Know the textiles of Teotitlán del Valle. Expedition or tour to Teotitlán del Valle.
One of the best excursions in Oaxaca.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Go the adventure in this expedition to know about textiles from Oaxaca.


Who doesn’t like good food? Oaxaca has all kinds of flavors for all kinds of tastes. Its most iconic dish has been the Tlayuda, but there is so much more you can learn about and eat on this adventure.

The best way to get to know the best and most representative of Oaxacan gastronomy is trying the dishes and knowing the process of elaboration of these. The people who will prepare these dishes will do it with all the heart and flavor of Oaxaca. So that you don’t waste time looking for the best places to know the gastronomy of Oaxaca, we have a tour ready for you, book now!

Gastronomy tour in Oaxaca city.
Gastronomy expedition in Oaxaca city.
One of the best tours in Oaxaca

Douglas Favero Photography.

We have so much more tours and adventures for you in Oaxaca. Get more info here.

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