Descubre maravillas naturales, en nuestras expediciones a la naturaleza en Oaxaca. Tours a la naturaleza en Oaxaca.


Oaxaca doesn’t need anything for you to visit it. It is the most biodiverse state in Mexico and the warmth of its people to show you every corner makes it possible for you to discover secrets of nature hidden in the regions of Oaxaca. Dare to experience ecotourism in Oaxaca and connect with nature.

Oaxaca has 8 regions. All with different climates and beautiful places to do ecotourism and enjoy the calm of nature mixed with the adrenaline of extreme sports or zip lines. Depending on the region you choose you can do ecotourism ecotourism in Oaxaca. And I will tell you what to do in each region.


The coast is a very biodiverse region where you have beach and jungle in the same region. This region is touristically more developed with the Huatulco National Park in Santa Maria Huatulco. Huatulco has mainly 2 ecotourism activities. The first one is snorkeling. The best known bay to do this is La Entrega, which has a coral reef but you can also do it in some other bays. And the second is hiking and wildlife watching in the Huatulco National Park. In addition to this you can do humpback whale watching between October and April.

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In Puerto Escondido around the beach you will also find nature. In Puerto Escondido you won’t be able to snorkel but nearby you can release turtles. Or right there in Puerto Escondido go horseback riding or take a boat to watch dolphins and turtles.

Now let’s move on to a beautiful place not so well known called Ventanilla. This place is totally dedicated to ecotourism. And the main activity you can do is a boat ride through mangroves to observe many species of birds, crocodiles, among others. When I went I liked it very much and it is something that will not be erased from your mind.

Finally in Mazunte there are conservation projects for various species of turtles and although it is not specifically ecotourism you can also go to observe them and help to keep this project going.

There are many more places and if you want to have your trip perfectly planned so as not to waste time, contact me.

Photo by:Douglas Favero Photography. Beach in Puerto Escondido.


The Cañada de Oaxaca has a semi-desert climate which allows endemic plants and succulents to grow there. It is also an undeveloped region so the ecosystem is quite well preserved and endangered species such as the green macaw live here. Enjoy nature with the best guides in Oaxaca, visiting this region and observing the beauty of the green macaw, the river of this area and the canyon that you can not miss.


The Sierra Norte is a well developed ecotourism environment thanks to the Benito Juarez towns, in these towns there are many activities to do such as cabins in the forest, zip lines and some adventure tourism activities.

One of the towns where you can enjoy these activities and more is Ixtlán de Juárez. In this town in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca you can learn about the elaboration of wooden mills to make chocolate, do adventure tourism activities and also visit one of the highest viewpoints in Latin America: the Mirador de Cristal. Are you ready for this adventure?

Another place you should visit in the Sierra Norte is Calpulálpam de Méndez, a Pueblo Mágico that has cultural and natural activities, as well as caves.


Imagine seeing the clouds from the top of a mountain, enjoying a temazcal and hiking in the mountains. In addition to this in San Jose del Pacifico you can learn about the hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow in these mountains. And get on a swing to swing above the clouds. The recent popularity of San Jose del Pacifico has made it a destination that many people want to visit, learn its secrets with us.

Feel the magic of visiting caves and subway rivers in San Sebastian de las Grutas, this underground paradise awaits you. A magical place you must visit.


In the valleys there is also nature. And it is very easy to get there, make a picnic to enjoy with the family.

One of the most beautiful and less known places is the Piedra Azul Dam in Teotitlán del Valle. A small river flows below the dam and is very close to this town, you can have a picnic, watch butterflies and cross the river. I’m sure you already have more ideas.

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Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Presa Piedra Azul.

Another town located a little outside but still in Valles, which has ecotourism centers are the Huayapam dams where you can do different activities such as zip lining, horseback riding, go on a pedal boat through the dam, among others.

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