Oaxaca is full of magic and wonderful places, full of culture, gastronomy and nature, today I give you 6 essential places of Oaxaca, that you can not miss in your next trip.


Markets are essential places to visit when you are in Oaxaca City. Here you will find, history, culture and gastronomy, reflected in the things that people sell in these places.

These are the 3 different markets that you have to visit if you want to know 3 aspects (food, art, and culture):

Benito Juárez market, where you can find food, handicrafts, regional candy and a lot of other cool stuff.

Another thing to notice is that this market is full of history. Things were exchanged since the pre-hispanic era, then, in 1893 the market was built.

Markets are like traveling to the past, you can see how people traded their things in the antique epochs of Oaxaca.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Benito Juárez Market. Markets are like traveling to the past, you can see how people traded their things in the antique epochs of Oaxaca.

Another market is the 20th of November market, characterized by the food sold and prepared here, mainly the meat prepared in the smoke corridor that you can eat there with tortillas or tlayudas.

People sell grasshoppers in the oaxacan markets.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. 20th of November Market.

Handicraft Market, you have to visit it, here you will see the traditional art of Oaxaca, made by hands of oaxacan artisans, like Alebrijes, traditional clothes and other things.

Essential places of Oaxaca: Markets.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Handcraft market.

To know more about these markets, visit: 3 MARKETS IN OAXACA CITY THAT YOU HAVE TO VISIT


Since the arrival of the spaniards, monumental churches have been built in Oaxaca. Some of them great architectural masterpieces that you need to see, some of them are:

Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán: Built by Dominicans around 1551, this temple is decorated inside with fine decoration of carpentry and blacksmith, the outside is made mainly of quarry, and in the domes it has blue and white mosaics.

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Oaxaca: It is of baroque style and its construction started in 1535, in the inauguration of the temple it was dedicated to the Assumption Virgin.

Inside the church there is a bronze statue of the Virgin of the Assumption, made by Todolini, an italian artist. It has greek marble and fine carpentry as well.

Photo:Douglas Favero Photography. Metropolitan Cathedral of Oaxaca City.

There are other churches with a lot of history, like the Sangre de Cristo in the tourist walker, and the one of the Soledad located next to Sócrates garden, in which you can have a delicious oaxacan ice cream.


This theater is beautiful and you need to see it at least from the outside, it has a french style and the construction took 6 years. In fact in the past it was other things and not a theater, now it is.

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Macedonio Alcalá Theater.



The heart of Oaxaca city is the zócalo, this place is used for cultural events, like calendas and also to celebrate the Independence Day. Around the Park, there are arches, where you can find restaurants to eat a dish with the great atmosphere of the oaxacan central park.

The central park (zócalo), is also site of the Government Palace, where the executive power of Oaxaca takes action, also inside this palace a lot of events are made, one of them is the “Grito de Independencia”.

Another one of the essential places of Oaxaca is the Central Park, full with music and great atmosphere.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Oaxacan Central Park during a calenda.


Another essential places of Oaxaca are museums.

Oaxaca has a lot of museums, that show the cultural, historical and artistic diversity of Oaxaca, some of these are:

Cultural Center of Santo Domingo: Located in the ex-convent of the church with the same name, this museum hosts archaeological pieces of Monte Albán´s Thomb number 7. There are even more cultural and artistic expositions.

Philatelic Museum: In this museum you can find postal art from Latin America, it exhibits more than 200 thousand pieces from all over the world.

Contemporary Art of Oaxaca Museum: In this museum you can find works by contemporary artists such as Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, among others.

You can find other museums in the next link:

One of the essential places of Oaxaca, is the Santo Domingo Cultural Center.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Cultural Center of Santo Domingo.


In Oaxaca City, there are many restaurants, with local and foreign food, obviously you can not miss the local food or author, which will delight you with traditional flavors of Oaxaca, and typical dishes.

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