Visit the historical center of Oaxaca with our Oaxaca tour of the historical center.


This is the second guide of the blog, February is a nice month to come to Oaxaca, the weather could be said to be perfect, the restaurants and hotels mentioned in the December guide are the same ones you can go to as well as the places, since these times do not allow events.


The hotels presented here are only suggestions, there are many more good hotels according to your budget throughout the city, also check availability.

The hotels currently open in Oaxaca de Juaréz are taking all sanitary measures for the contingency.

For more information about the hotel you can click on the name and it will send you to tripadvisor.

In the hotels you have to check availability, since they are not working at their maximum capacity and it is vacation time, when many people come.


QUINTA REAL OAXACA:This hotel won the traveler’s choice 2020 by tripadvisor, has an excellent location in the heart of the historic center and 2 blocks from many attractions of the center and restaurants, this hotel was the convent of Santa Catalina de Siena. All security measures are being taken and it has various services and gardens. The languages spoken in this hotel are Spanish and English.

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Facade of Quinta Real Oaxaca. Photo by: Travel in Oaxaca.


CASA DE SIERRA AZUL: This is an excellent option if you are someone looking for something sustainable, cultural and also if you come with a pet. The location of this hotel, is also in the center, near many tourist attractions and with diverse services, this hotel does not have a swimming pool but it does have the sanitary measures and a restaurant with delicious Oaxacan food. The languages spoken in this hotel are Spanish and English.


NANA VIDA HOTEL: Located on Murguía street this hotel is close to the best restaurants and places to visit. As I mentioned the weather in February is spectacular, so buying a tour to Monte Alban will be an excellent option.


Photo by: Travel In Oaxaca


If you have a medium budget, you may be able to find a high budget hotel with some discount.

BOUTIQUE HOTEL PARADOR SAN MIGUEL: This hotel is the most expensive of those we will mention with a medium budget, but it is a good hotel, with an excellent location and pillows with Oaxacan embroidery. It has a restaurant and terrace.

HOTEL CON CORAZÓN: This hotel has a not so good location, but a very nice construction, and maybe you can find your accommodation with breakfast included. It has the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice award and offers activities such as cooking classes so you can take something with you from Oaxaca.

FORTÍN PLAZA HOTEL: This hotel has many services an impressive view and the price is excellent, the only downside is its location, although transportation through this place is not lacking.



The Fortín Plaza Hotel may have a room at this price.

CASONA OAXACA HOTEL: It is quite close to downtown, has different services, and nice rooms, they gave him the traveler’s choice award, prices start at 700 Mexican pesos.

NACIONAL OAXACA HOTEL: It is located near the Benito Juarez market and the tourist walkway, is a small hotel in a not so privileged area but is very cheap with prices from 500 Mexican pesos approximately.


Click on the name of the restaurant to go to the website.

The restaurants mentioned here are just some of the delicious restaurants in the city, walking around the city or asking you can find other restaurants according to your budget.


CASA OAXACA RESTAURANT: One of the best restaurants in the city, located almost in front of the Ethno-Botanical Garden, with delicious food by chef Alejandro Ruiz, who combines contemporary food with the best traditional Oaxacan food.

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Waiter in Casa Oaxaca Restaurant. Photo by: Douglas Favero Photography.

PITIONA: Located very close to the temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Pitiona restaurant is the signature cuisine of Chef José Manuel Bolaños, with delicious food and an excellent location.

OAXACALIFORNIA: This restaurant is not located in the center of Oaxaca, but the access is very easy, and you will be able to taste a delicious food combining the best of the sea of BAJA CALIFORNIA and the traditional food of Oaxaca.


EXPENDIO TRADICIÓN: Located in Murguía Street, almost next to the Quinta Real Hotel. This restaurant has exquisite food and mezcal.

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Expendio Tradición. Photo by: Douglas Favero Photography.

EL QUINQUE: A good fusion restaurant, located 4 blocks from the Metropolitan Cathedral, where you can taste Oaxacan and international food.


BOULENC: The perfect combination of cheap, nice and tasty, you will find it here, Boulenc is a contemporary food restaurant located in the street of Porfirio Diaz, in the historical center.

CASA TAVICHE: This restaurant has Latin, Mexican and is ideal for vegetarians, is located on Avenida Miguel Hidalgo.


As with the restaurants and hotels, only suggestions will appear here, and schedules should be checked.


BLACK COFEE: This café is located in the Plaza San Gerónimo, very close to the temple of Santo Domingo, an ideal place to go in the afternoon to relax.


CARNABY STREET: Also located in Plaza San Geronimo, upstairs this coffee is a little cheaper but very good.

BLASÓN CAFE: This coffee is my favorite, there are 2 branches, the coffee is high altitude and 100% Mexican, a branch is behind the church of Sangre de Cristo and the other in the neighborhood of Jalatlaco.

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Café Blasón behind the Sangre de Cristo church. Photo by: TravelinOaxaca.


TEMPLE OF SANTO DOMINGO DE GUZMÁN: It is one of the emblems of Oaxaca, and has a lot of history, there are many places nearby.

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Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Photo by: Douglas Favero Photography.

TEOTITLÁN DEL VALLE: This town is a little more secluded, but it’s worth going to see the weavings of the famous rugs here.

EL TULE: It is not possible to enter the tree, but you will be able to know history and to see the tree, the town and the market.

SANTA CRUZ XOXOCOTLÁN: In this little town you will be able to taste different delicacies and see the old market and learn how bread is made in a wood-fired oven.

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Old Market of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán. Photo by: Douglas Favero Photography.

METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL: A beautiful place to walk and learn about the history of the avenue.

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Metropolitan Catedral. Photo por: Douglas Favero Photography.

As there are many closed places these days, it is best to ask and visit as much as possible.

You can walk along the Tourist Trail, you are sure to find something interesting, and you can go out to the countryside and different towns, you will live the best adventure of your life.

These options are just a few, you can also hire a private tour or with more people, either in your hotel or in an agency that you will surely find walking along the tourist walkway, also ask your hotel receptionist.

The tour they will surely offer you is the Monte Alban tour, a beautiful tour of the archaeological site and other places, highly recommended.

You can also purchase the Mitla – Hierve el Agua tour, although it may be better to go on your own.


Photos by: Douglas Favero Photography. Mitla and Hierve el Agua.

None of the places mentioned here are sponsored, they are simply opinions and there are different places to go.

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