Hi to everyone, Day of the Dead is closer and closer, because of this I bring you some post that surely you are going to like and inform you of this festivity.


In this post I tell you about the origins of Day of the Dead, it´s the starting point of the series of posts from Day of the Dead.

2.- Did we have pre-hispanic Day of the Dead?, How was it?, and other things in. this post.

3.- Do you want to know, How did Day of the Dead arise? Here I tell you.

4.-In Day of the Dead we put altars, to remember our beloved that have already gone to the other world. Do you want to know their meaning?

5.- The flowers are a very important element of this festivity, there are flowers for this epoch. Do you want to know what are they and visit one flower field with us? Come with us.

6.- The cementery vigils are a very rooted tradition of Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, know about this tradition in this post.

7.- Especial food could not be missed, and obviously not in Oaxaca that has a lot of variety, in Day of the Dead there are special dishes principally acquired in Day of the Dead. In this post you can know about this dishes.

8.- Since the pre-hispanic epoch, the art has been present, and in Day of the Dead is not missing, the sand mats are the best examples of art in Day of the Dead.

I hope that this 8 posts help you to know the festivity of Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, remember to share and follow me in social networks.

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