Every season in Oaxaca has a special gastronomy, know the one of the day of the dead with us in your next Oaxaca tour.


The nature in Oaxaca is very varied in each region, this means that we have a wide range of gastronomy in every zone and season of the year.

In the celebrations special food is prepared, different flavors, scents and textures, making every aspect of the celebration something special.

Day of the Dead is a great festivity, with very special food. And what is special about the gastronomy of Day of the Dead?

People love their beloved that went to the other world, so on the day they return they prepare their favorite dish. But we also have the dishes that now have the identity of this festivity these are the listed below.


THE TAMAL: It is a corn based dish wrapped in a banana or cob leaf with a chili or meat filling. It exists in many countries in America, there are different flavors and Mexico has the greatest variety. Tamales can be of different flavors, textures, and combinations and they also are of pre-Hispanic origin. In Oaxaca the most common is the black mole with chicken, but it’s not the only one every region has its own flavors.

BLACK MOLE: It is the classic Oaxacan dish that is not missing on an altar, it is the favorite of many. The mole is of pre-hispanic origin and with the arrival of the spaniards it was improved. It is combined with rice, chicken and the tortilla that should never miss.

Photo by: Douglas Favero Photography. Central Valley Day of the Dead Bread.

DAY OF THE DEAD BREAD: In each region of Oaxaca, the bread is different as well as the tamales. In the Valleys the most classic is a round bread, with a little face in the high part of the front with sesame inside and outside. What makes the pan de muerto special is the taste of sesame, the little face and that it is only prepared on those days ( from October 25th to November 6th approximately).

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