Reasons to visit Oaxaca, you’ll have plenty after this post. Oaxaca, a magical state that will surprise you in every aspect, here I tell you 3 reasons to visit this state.


Oaxaca has a great variety of cultures that inhabited the state even before the spaniards got here, also the culture that arose after their arrival, combining elements of the foreigners that were coming, like gastronomic ingredients, fabrics, traditions, festivities and a lot of other things, making Oaxaca, the state that it is today.

Oaxacan street food will give you reasons to visit Oaxaca.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. The variety of street food from Oaxaca, will surprise you and make you want live in Oaxaca.


The most biodiverse state of Mexico is Oaxaca. Thanks to its topography and the diversity of climates, we have diverse ecosystems in different parts of the state, from coral reefs to forests in the mountains of the state.

Beautiful beaches await you in the oaxacan coasts, one of the reasons to visit Oaxaca, that you can’t miss.

One of the reasons to visit Oaxaca, is the beach, with soft sand and calm water.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. Huatulco National Park.


The warmth of the reception of the people in Oaxaca is the thing that makes the state stand out more, you will not find more passionate people about their state than in Oaxaca, so don’t miss the wonders that Oaxaca has for you, visit us.

The best way to visit Oaxaca is with someone who knows the state: TOURS

Another reason to visit Oaxaca, is the warmth of its people, we will receive you with all the hapiness.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography.

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