In Oaxaca there are diverse cultures, all of them very important and they give diversity to the cultures, food and handcrafts of Oaxaca. Some of them stand out because of their level of development in the past, like zapotec and the one that I´m going to talk about today: the mixtec.


As the zapotecs, probably their origins where in nomad tribes or derived from Olmecs.

Is one of the most relevant cultures of Mesoamerica, it had a long development and in the region that they used, some of the most important pre-hispanic codex that are known surged.

The mixtec culture developed in the Mixtec region, also they were stablished in the Central Valleys.


In the period that goes from the 1500 to the 500 b.C. the Mixtec region was used by villages like Santa Teresa, Etlatongo and The Guayabo. Also some cities surged and had their apogee in the Pre-classic like Cerro de las Minas, Monte Negro, Yucuita and Huamelulpan

At the end of the classic some independent lordships arose, some of them were Tilantongo, Chalcatongo, Tututepec.

Just before the conquest, in the years 1200 to 1521 a.C. the Triple Alliance (conformed by México-Tenochtitlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan) conquered some villages and the mixtecs extended to Central Valleys, there they stablished relations of domain or they made alliances with the zapotecs.

The mixtecs occupied Monte Albán, contributing to the treasure of Tomb 7.


Are the only source to know how the political organization of the antique mixtec society was. Codexes narrate principally the genealogy and history of the governments of Pos-classic.

The codices are composed of an obverse and a reverse side, these parts are not related, they were made at different times by different authors.

These codices enrich the historical narrative with various traditions, even if sometimes they do not quite match.


Bodley, Nuttall, Vindobonensis, Selden y Colombino-Becker. The Selden codex was finished in the XVI century but it is considered of pre-hispanic origin because it doesn´t has spanish influence in its elaboration.

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