El llano park or “Paseo Juárez”. Since the colonial times it was used to spend time with family and friends. After that it became a zoo. And now its a place that you can visit for free in Oaxaca with family and friends. Let’s visit this park.


In the 1870’s to the 1886 this park was under construction. Subsequently the place was used as a zoo for the city. Now when you visit this place you can imagine more animals besides the lions located in the corners.

The park was created by the General José María Morelos. The reason to build it was to commemorate the triumph of the Independence. After the changes mentioned in the last paragraph, in 1970 it was remodeled to be what it is today.

In the Llano Park, there's a statue that has the real dimensions of Benito Juárez.
Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. In the Llano, there’s a statue of Don Benito Juárez that has the real dimensions of this historical character of mexican history.


Being young I’ve passed through this park a thousand times. From my experience I recommend you to have a nice time in the Llano. Specially if you come to Oaxaca with your couple or a group of friends. In this park you can sit and rest, drink a flavored fresh water, an ice popsicle or an ice cream. You can also eat delicious tacos at dinner time.

A magical place very close to the Llano: THE MAGICAL AND COLORFUL JALATLACO DISTRICT

Photo: Douglas Favero Photography. El Llano Park.

Apart from all the things I already mentioned. Usually in the Llano or nearby some events happen. Like calendas that you can even follow to other places of the city. After having a nice afternoon or night with friends and family you could be hungry. Nearby you can find places to eat of every kind. For instance there are some cafe’s in which you can buy a refreshing frappe, stalls with regional candy, restaurants of every kind (chinese or healthy food), bread stores and you could find all kinds of places.

Having all this in mind, I’m sure you’ll have a great time with the people you bring to this park.

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