The celebration of the Independence of Mexico is approaching, and with it the gastronomy representative of the dates. And today I bring you three iconic dishes of these dates.

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Its origins date back to pre-hispanic times, where it was made with human or xoloitzcuintle meat. With the passing of time and the arrival of the Spaniards, this changed, but most of the ingredients such as corn and radish are still preserved.

This dish was prepared for the Mexica tlatoani in the festivities of Xipe Tótec, the “pozotl”, was an offering to the Mexica god Xipe Tótec, to ask for good harvests for the year.

Photo: Pixabay. Pozole.


The most representative and well-known food in Mexico is undoubtedly tacos, of which there is an enormous variety, they can be pastor, carnitas, fish, rancheros, de canasta and many more, always accompanied by a good hot sauce.

Photo: Pixabay. Tacos de pastor.


Another dish originated before the arrival of the Spaniards are the tamales, made from corn and with all kinds of stuffings you can imagine, Oaxaca has the greatest diversity of these, you can enjoy them everywhere, these flavors will delight your palate.

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