Hello to everyone, welcome to this post of the first year of Travel in Oaxaca, a year has passed since the creation of this blog made to inspire to travel to the place were I live, show the places in a written way and with images of Douglas Favero Photography.

I want to tank you for reading my posts, we have gotten to more than 20 countries and 4 continents, with more than 1800 views to the moment I write this post.

I hope that we keep advancing, and that the year that is coming will be more prosperous than the one that is going to pass, remember to keep sharing and knowing about Oaxaca in this blog.

Soon we are going to travel more and I hope that Travel in Oaxaca helps you to know about the places and meet them with one of our tours. I hope that you keep enjoying the almost 100 post and the ones that are coming.

Thank you for your support!, Let´s go for another year in TRAVEL IN OAXACA!

Traveler, Ready for adventure? 🧳

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