The most impressive city of Oaxaca in ancient times has an incredible architecture, do you want to know it?

Monte Alban began as a gathering settlement and little by little it was enlarged, it covers 3 hills, Monte Alban, El Gallo and Atzompa. The earliest houses were made of simple materials and stone tombs. The social classes were appearing and with this the leaders of the village.

Zapotec expansion began and as a consequence more people for public works were obtained. The construction of the city began.

In the beginnings of Monte Alban many stones known as “danzantes” were carved.

New buildings arose in the period from 100 B.C. to 200 A.D., in addition to new buildings some were modified.

New elements also arrived at Monte Alban such as niches.

The largest and most important buildings of the city were destined for ceremonial, public or residential activities and were occupied by the elites of the time of the Zapotec culture.

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